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The Basics
Learning the basic of Yordadev's Headless eCommerce Solution.

Introduction to the Platform

Yordadev's eCommerce is headless API first, however, we do not allow public access to the registration resource. If you do not have an account, you can read on about requesting access here.
It is important to note that our web-interface is in alpha and has basic functionality. Other than the registration, you do not need to ever utilize it. As Yordadev implies, you are the developer. We provide you the toolbox so that you don't have to go out and buy it, letting you get to the job quicker.
Yordadev eCommerce is currently in a Alpha State. Currently accepting requests for access.

Getting Started

Login and Retrieve your Personal Access Token. For detailed information, see:
Using your newly acquired Personal Access Token on the Shop Service to create a shop. For more detailed information on managing a shop, see:
Once your shop is created, you will need to issue out your Shop Client Credential and Shop Implicit tokens. You can read more about this here:
You will want to set your Shop Configuration. For more detailed information on configuring your shop, see:
The final step in getting your shop is created and configured is adding your tax rates for your shop. For more detailed information on how tax rates work on Yordadev eCommerce, see:
Getting to the more exciting stuff, for detailed information on creating your Shop's first Categories and Products to get started selling items see:
To expand on Products on Yordadev eCommerce Headless Solution, information on Product Options, Media and Variants can be found here:
For Carts & checking out a Cart, see the following information:
Utilizing the gateway service and paying for a cart is painless and information regarding paying for an order that you just checked out can be found here:
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