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Requesting Access

Requesting Access

To request access to our Alpha release and get your tokens to access the resources provided by Yordadev's Headless eCommerce Solution. An easy peasy flow has been setup to grant alpha access, simply head over to our web-interface to request your alpha access.
The form to request access can be found here https://alpha.yordadev.network/register

Alpha Access Criteria

  • You do not need your hand held consuming an API.
  • You are able and willing to provide creditable feedback on your experience with the API.
  • You understand this is an Alpha Release and there are bound to be bugs.
  • You enjoy breaking things.
If you match these criteria, we encourage you to participate in our Alpha Release to help improve and optimize the API for future users.

Reporting Feedback

We encourage feedback from everyone, including individuals who only read these documentation and nothing else. To report your feedback, simply send Yorda an e-mail at [email protected] with the Subject as "Feedback".
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