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Yordadev provides a stripe integration out of the box, a true plug and play solution with Stripe utilizing Stripe's Open Connect Platform.

How it Works?

As Stripe has a excellent dashboard for analyzing and managing your payments after the fact. Yordadev's eCommerce Solution integrates the Stripe Connect platform to handle your shop's orders. We'll charge the card for you on your behalf and Stripe takes it from there.

Stripe OAuth

We have integrated Stripe as a payment processor, which provides a OAuth interface. This allows us to capture payments and forward them to you, utilizing Stripe's Open Connect system.
You can read more about Stripe Open Connect here.

Stripe Checkout on the Front-end

Stripe provides excellent documentation here on how to get setup.

What is the Source Token?

A payment source to be charged. This can be the ID of a card (i.e., credit or debit card), a bank account, a source, a token, or a connected account. For certain sources—namely, cards, bank accounts, and attached sources—you must also pass the ID of the associated customer.
Stripe OAuth
Submit Payment With Source Token
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