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If you wish to utilize the headless platform without using our web interface, you will require a Personal Access Token to utilize the account resources.

What is a Personal Access Token?

A Personal Access Token is a super secret token, that we allow access to certain resources that otherwise would not be accessible removing the necessity of a web interface for Yordadev's Headless eCommerce Platform. This affords you the opportunity to integrate the platform right into your existing products and or dashboards.

I accidentally leaked my Personal Access Token, help?

Sadly, there is not much we can do, as it is your responsibility to maintain operational security over your tokens, as we do while they are in our possession. However, refreshing your token before it expires will revoke the leaked Personal Access Token.

Token Life Spans

Token Type
Personal Access Token
1 Hour
Personal Access Refresh Token
72 Hours

Do I need to use my Personal Access Token?

The short answer is, absolutely not. You can utilize the platform's web interface instead.

Account Authorization

When required an authorization header with a Personal Access Token is to be added to all requests.
Authorization: Bearer InsertPersonalAccessTokenHere
The Personal Access Token gives the account holder to access resources within the permission scope of the token. This token is utilized to authenticate a request to the resource.

Operational Security Notice

This token is very sensitive and you should NEVER disclose or use it in public.
Retrieving your Personal Access Token
Refreshing your Personal Access Token
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